FinTech | August 21, 2020

See a Supercharged Forex Trader Workflow with Altair Panopticon™ and Finsemble

Written by Anna Shearer

Integrate any web or native application into a Panopticon-powered Finsemble workspace

Banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and brokerages all over the world use the Altair Panopticon Streaming Analytics platform to improve profitability, risk management, and compliance. Traders, analysts and quants can connect to data sources and build completely customized dashboards suited to their unique needs in a few minutes. The platform enables them to monitor real-time trading and market feeds and analyze activity on a tick by tick, trade by trade basis.

Used by seven of the world’s top ten banks, Panopticon enables business users to build, modify and deploy streaming and data analytics solutions using a drag and drop interface without writing code. The Panopticon Platform subscribes directly to real-time streams, queries tick history databases, handles all popular big data sources, and supports visual back-testing using predictive engines. Business users (not just IT) have the power to connect to virtually any data source to create their own visual user interfaces instantly. This kind of streamlined, intuitive workspace is at the heart of the Cosaic mission. We know that intelligent workflows are not nice-to-have, but in the near future will be a business imperative. Panopticon contributes to this mission with their powerful data visualization platform.

In this video demo (created by Altair) we see a Panopticon Forex Dashboard user leveraging the power of Finsemble. Facilitating communications between internal and external applications (in this case, Twitter and Reuters) and Panopticon create insights for better and faster trading decisions.

This powerful sample forex workstation—which merges, aggregates, and constructs a holistic view of all trading activity—is supercharged when the user can sync native or external applications to the Panopticon workspace. The workflow is optimized by automating the boring bit: searching for an external news application and then rekeying information.

With Panopticon and Finsemble, the workflow is optimized, any application can share data, and users have a complete picture of trading activity.

Looking for more resources on the benefits of integrating applications for trading floors? Download the guide to The Future of Sales and Trading Floors to learn how to amplify the effectiveness of the applications your traders use every day.

Contact us to learn more about how you can help your users make better and faster trading decisions with Finsemble.

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