FinTech | February 17, 2023

Finsemble and Reformis Partner to Champion Interoperability Across the Buy-Side

Written by Anna Shearer

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cosaic, the workflow solution provider bringing smart desktop technology to the finance industry, today announces its strategic partnership with Reformis. Reformis is a technology consulting firm for the investment management industry. As a strategic Cosaic partner, Reformis will help bring interoperability to buy-sides by leveraging the power of Cosaic’s smart desktop platform, Finsemble.

“Interoperability is shifting from nice-to-have to imperative across the buy-side,” says Dan Schleifer, Cosaic CEO.

“From big asset managers to smaller hedge funds, interoperability is shifting from nice-to-have to imperative across the buy-side,” says Dan Schleifer, CEO and co-founder of Cosaic. “It’s Reformis guiding these firms and spearheading buy-side interoperability projects.”

Reformis is a trusted name in buy-side tech initiatives, from data management solutions to PMS and OMS implementations. Interoperability projects connect these solutions with other core applications for smart, intelligent workflows. A smart desktop platform like Finsemble is a necessary piece to this modernized buy-side desktop.

“Our partnership with Cosaic came from a problem we see often,” says Brian Woodham, CEO of Reformis.
“Clients want to integrate applications across the trading desk, but they lack the technical expertise and the tools to do this. Reformis can assist them with the implementation, and Finsemble provides the infrastructure. I’m confident the partnership will drive successful adoption of interoperability across the buy-side.”

With Finsemble, any type of application—legacy, new, in-house or third-party—can share data and connect for seamless workflows. Recently, buy-side firms have started to see the benefits of interconnected apps. Pictet Asset Management has enlisted Finsemble to overhaul fixed income and FX workflows. Buy-side IMS Charles River announced the firm is using Finsemble to enhance its partner ecosystem.

“Interoperability has proved successful for our buy-side clients,” says Schleifer. “Its value is clear. We couldn’t ask for a partner better than Reformis to bring this value to more buy-side desks.”

For more information on how Finsemble can help your firm connect disparate applications, visit To connect with a Reformis representative about your next buy-side project, contact

About Reformis

Reformis provide Business and Financial Technical Consultancy to the Investment Management Industry. With offices in London, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and Sydney, Reformis are domain experts for the buy-side, specializing in Data Management, Front Office Implementations and Regulatory and Client Reporting. Our purpose is to provide unparalleled guidance and support to financial institutions, as they navigate their way through regulatory frameworks, technology innovations and strive to minimize operational costs and maximize opportunities. Our depth in the buy-side means you can truly rely on us in times of change. For more information, please visit

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