Partners | July 8, 2019

Featured Ecosystem Partner: Adaptable Tools

Written by Cosaic Engineer


The Finsemble Ecosystem brings the best of fintech applications together to create an intelligent, meaningful workflow for the end user. This week’s featured partner is Adaptable Tools.

Clients benefit from options

The Ecosystem gives clients choice. Developers can mix and match, swap in and out, and piece together customized workspaces with applications that communicate in real time. Learn how a unified desktop streamlines users’ workflows in this post. We are proud to offer Adaptable Tools to our clients.

Supercharge your application

For partners, the Ecosystem amplifies their application. Suddenly, their application can interoperate with their neighbors. Applications perform better for the end user when they are given the power to become part of a bigger desktop experience.

Our partners benefit by joining a community of applications that are “supercharged” and work together. The desktop of the future has applications that communicate in a cohesive workspace environment. Check out the full list of our Ecosystem partners.

Adaptable Tools + Finsemble = Multiple Blotters

The Adaptable Blotter is a powerful DataGrid add-on that provides all the cutting-edge functionality that financial and other advanced users require to be productive and efficient. Adaptable Tools in the Ecosystem allows our users to leverage the powerful DataGrid capabilities of the Adaptable Blotter, alongside other preferred applications to create meaningful workflows.

Finsemble enables launching as many different blotters side-by-side as needed. These blotters can share context logically and easily integrate between each other and any neighboring application.

Check out video demo above to see how being part of the Finsemble Ecosystem “supercharges” the Adaptable Blotter.

Learn how your application can become part of the Finsemble Ecosystem at no cost by contacting us today.

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