Notifications Demo

Finsemble notifications can drive workflow across applications and is delivered as a simple API to allow for easy customizations.

Designed for instant end user action.

Finsemble Notification ToastInformational notifications guarantee users catch insights quickly. Actionable notifications prompt the end user to act fast. These notifications are configurable with buttons that can trigger various events once selected by the end user. Open a chart or quote are some possibilities depending on desired workflow.

A Notification Toast sliding out to grab the user’s attention has configurable buttons to prompt end user action.

Ready, set, go.

Finsemble notifications go beyond prompting a single action. Because they are part of an integrated desktop, each notification action extends into a more complex workflow. One notification may trigger the user to open a chart or accept an order, but from there the user is now able to share data with other applications in their workspace.

Advanced UI for sophisticated notification control.

It wouldn’t be Finsemble notifications if we didn’t incorporate the feature into our floating toolbar. As with all our UI features, we’ve created notifications to seamlessly integrate into user workflow. Best of all, the UI components come out-of-the-box so you can have your Notification Center up and running in no time. Customize to make the UI components your own. Notification documentation for developers can be found here.

Notification alert appears in the Finsemble toolbar.

All-in-one place: a fully featured Notification Center.

The Finsemble Notification Center gives you a one-stop-shop for all notifications—from any type of application—including native. The user-friendly interface can be organized for controlled and customized alerts.

The user may toggle between a card view and a more compact list view of the notifications. Notifications can be set with a filter functionality and search capability coming soon. The Notification Center has pop-in and pop-out functionality. To easily see what’s new, recent notifications receive a yellow halo. Additionally, there is a snooze functionality to quiet notifications when necessary.

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