Partners | June 17, 2019

Infront Joins the Finsemble Ecosystem

Written by Anna Shearer

InFront application within Finsemble

Infront is an HTML5 web trading platform comprised of configurable widgets that put real-time global market data, news, analytics, and electronic trading in front of traders. With Infront, traders have all the information they need to make crucial decisions at their fingertips—including data from over 80 exchanges, alternative trading systems, contributing brokers and more.

With the acquisition of VWD announced this month, Infront will become the leading European financial market solutions provider with nearly 90,000 global users. ChartIQ’s partnership with Infront will take an already robust platform to another level. As part of the Finsemble Ecosystem, Infront becomes supercharged.


Application interoperability

Within Finsemble, Infront components—such as news feeds and charts—can now integrate visually and contextually with any other Ecosystem application. Legacy or third-party applications launched within the Ecosystem can dock and snap with any other Infront components. Finsemble allows users to connect and duplicate Infront components and save workspace configuration between sessions.

Desktop deployment

With Finsemble, Infront’s lightning fast web-based platform can now be deployed to the desktop. This allows users to break free of the single browser page to spread across multiple monitors and windows.

Workflows with less noise

Infront allows users to cut through the noise to gain unique market insight by selecting what components they want in their workflow. Infront within Finsemble allows the user to build upon that workflow by giving them access to their favorite fintech applications within the Ecosystem. The result is a flexible, powerful, customized workspace comprised of applications that meet the needs of the end user.

“The Finsemble and Infront partnership will give our users more choice when it comes to customizing their workflow. As we expand globally, we plan to offer our users many options to build workspaces that help them become more efficient,” said Kristian Nesbak, CEO and Co-founder of Infront.

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