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We host all of our past webinars here on-demand. See recent product release webinars, informative presentations with guests including Adaptive and BondCliQ, and a showcase of ChartIQ data visualization. At Cosaic, we’re committed to bringing you the gold-standard in software, service, and thought leadership presentations and webinars.

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Dan Schleifer speaking at a conference
Dan Schleifer at 2019 Symphony Innovate

Thought Leadership

The Cosaic team has been part of the conversation around the technology evolution in the finance industry for years. On our thought leadership page find members of our leadership team, product owners and engineers presenting on topics like HTML5 in finance, application integration, and workflows in capital markets.

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Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm: Finsemble + Citi

Sell-Side Technology Awards“One of the most substantially important trends we’re seeing in the capital markets space is this push to make desktop applications interoperable with other third-party and internal apps, and Cosaic has proven itself a leading vendor in this space. For proof, one only needs to look not just at Citi’s financial investment in the company, but the fact that the bank is using it to improve its FX desk’s capabilities.”

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ChartIQ Video Demos

Get a glimpse into some of the features that set ChartIQ apart. See out-of-the-box core charting features like SmartZoom and Drawing Tools, and demos of premium modules like Post-Trade Visualization.


Finsemble Video Demos

What exactly is a smart desktop? Our Finsemble video library shows you the basics of interoperability like application snapping and docking, and also showcases features of a mature smart desktop, like workspace management and partner integrations.


The Essential Guide to Contact Center Application Integration

Maximize the value of Salesforce and optimize contact center productivity. Read our contact center integration guide to learn how Salesforce integrations can improve overall agent performance, what types of Salesforce integrations will be most helpful to your business, how to set up integrations, and the best solution for connecting all of your apps to Salesforce—and to each other.

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The Essential Guide to FDC3

Get to know the standards that pave the road to interoperability.

Learn about FDC3, its goals, why it matters to the future of the financial smart desktop, and how FDC3 is at the heart of interoperability, but is by no means a complete solution.

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Securing the Smart Desktop

Web Security, Electron and Node.js, and Safe Application Communication

Smart desktop technology is changing the way we work, but bringing web technology to the desktop creates security issues that must be mitigated. In this white paper, Cosaic CTO Terry Thorsen discusses the architecture of desktop interoperability.

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Desktop Interoperability Vendor Report

Considering a desktop automation initiative? Unsure of which solution to choose? ‘Desktop Interoperability: The Vendors’ provides information on the marketplace, the vendors and the features and architecture of the three leading desktop automation solutions: Finsemble by Cosaic, Glue42 and OpenFin.
Report by Norman & Sons

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Considering PWAs for your Desktop Interoperability Project?

Read this first.

Read our guide to learn about the pros, cons, and possibilities of progressive web apps and desktop ineroperability. Don’t wait for the next generation of technology to emerge before implementing a desktop inerop solution, discover the best tech and vendors available to build an integrated desktop now.

Micro Frontends and the Future of Applications

Don’t build applications, create workflows.

Over the past decade, we’ve successfully made the move from monolith to microservices on the back end, but the same has not been true for the frontend. Our user interfaces are still monolithic. Why? In this whitepaper, learn how the advent of micro frontends as an architectural paradigm may be the next big thing in desktop interoperability and business.

Building an Integrated Desktop Application Ecosystem for Finance

A Guide to the Tools, Products & Migration Challenges

This paper identifies the core building blocks that are required to build an integrated desktop application ecosystem using a combination of web and legacy technologies – an ecosystem where it is easier to deploy and integrate both your own applications and those from third-party vendors.
A whitepaper by Scott Logic CTO Colin Eberhardt