Partners | October 2, 2019

ipushpull Joins the Finsemble Ecosystem

Written by Anna Shearer

ipushpull provides secure real-time data sharing and workflow automation for financial institutions.

With ipushpull, desktop applications such as Excel, cloud services such as Symphony, databases, APIs, and internal proprietary systems all participate in live data sharing on a fully access-controlled and audited platform.

Both Finsemble and ipushpull advance interoperability and efficiency for end users with no-code solutions. Now users can launch ipushpull within Finsemble to gain smart desktop workspace management capabilities while leveraging the data sharing benefits ipushpull provides. As demonstrated in the video above, ipushpull allows for custom configuration of workflow buttons to trigger actions, such as launching other Finsemble apps directly from your ipushpull data.

Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull comments:

“The application interoperability that Finsemble offers combined with ipushpull’s data interoperability provides a seamless, efficient workflow not only for the front office but right across capital market functions. We are delighted to be part of the Finsemble Ecosystem which allows rapid deployment and plug-&-play functionality, compared to existing applications and projects which take months or even years to roll out.”

This combination of complementary workflow tools can take any number of forms. A broker receiving secure, live updates from multiple remote client-side Excel worksheets can use the ipushpull integration to initiate next steps in their workflow. The following are possibilities:

  • Data corresponding to a ticker symbol can launch and update third party analysis tools with the click of a mouse.
  • A news application running on the desktop can automatically fetch relevant stories.
  • A chat application can be used to push the live updating table to authorized staff within the organization.

Combined, Finsemble and ipushpull allow you to easily connect your tools in unprecedented ways, creating a more efficient, automated workflow as a result.

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