Partners | June 15, 2019

New Ecosystem Partner: ag-Grid

Written by Anna Shearer

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The Finsemble Ecosystem brings the best of fintech applications together to create an intelligent, meaningful workflow for the end user. Now ag-Grid datagrids are compatible with Ecosystem applications.

Performance at the core

ag-Grid is a datagrid used to display and manipulate large amounts of data. A bevy of enterprise features are supported by superb documentation and high performance with even the largest data sets. See a 100,000 row, 25 column demo here. Performance is at the core of ag-Grid. Scrolling through thousands of data points is smooth and responsive, much like a user expects from a robust spreadsheet application. Enterprises discover that ag-Grid meets, and often exceeds, their criteria for choosing a datagrid solution for their applications. This benefits organizations where multiple teams have different feature set requirements for displaying and manipulating tabular data.

Developers choose ag-Grid as their go-to solution for a fully polished, feature-rich, out-of-the-box toolkit to build superior grid applications. ag-Grid is widely used in enterprises around the world, especially large financial firms and hedge funds where the need exists to create large datatables that employees can analyze.

The grid that interoperates

Launched within Finsemble, ag-Grid applications become interoperable with other Finsemble applications. This means a grid application can share data in real-time with its neighbors—be it a third party, modern, or legacy application. These seamless workflows take an already super fast solution like ag-Grid to a new level when it becomes part of a cohesive, smart desktop. Launch multiple grids at once, link them to your choice of application, dock and snap them together, and more.

Build out-of-the-box

What makes ag-Grid different from other datagrids? We asked CEO Niall Crosby, who explained: “We are proud of the amount of polish and completeness of our grid. The features are hard to find in alternative offerings, let alone combined and working out-of-the-box together at the level we offer.”

In light of all the benefits, you might ask, how could ag-Grid get any better?

The answer: Within Finsemble, an ag-Grid application becomes supercharged. See video demo below:


Supercharge your favorite fintech applications with Finsemble. Contact us for a demo.


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