Product | July 9, 2018

Organizing the Sales Dashboard for Maximum Success

Written by Terry Thorsen

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Unifying the Desktop: E Pluribus Unum

Imagine all the tools within your workflow—legacy, modern, and third-party—working together in an integrated and unified desktop experience. Finsemble, a powerful HTML5 application framework seamlessly assembles and syncs disparate applications for capital markets end users. With Finsemble, developers can quickly and easily bring together disparate apps from across the organization into a unified interoperable desktop environment. End users workflows are optimized, their tasks made more efficient, and day-to-day work is completed and recorded in real time with little to no effort.

To highlight what we mean, here’s a hypothetical example of an optimized, orchestrated workflow between a salesperson and a client.

Access Information Quickly & Easily

This hypothetical workflow includes Symphony chat, the Salesforce CRM system, and the GreenKey voice turret. Let’s kick it off!  In this scenario – all three applications are launched simultaneously via Finsemble on a salesperson’s dashboard as a call comes in. Before the call is accepted, Salesforce is able to open the caller’s contact information, Symphony is able to open a private chat, and GreenKey signals who the incoming caller is to the other applications by leveraging Finsemble. The salesperson begins the call armed with personalized data of their caller right on their desktop. All of this happens automatically and the only action the salesperson has taken is accepting the phone call from the client.

Sharing Market Insights in Real Time

Like in most terminals, when using a Finsemble operated desktop a salesperson can see where a stock has been trading recently. The information extracted however depends heavily on the quality of the chart they view. With Finsemble, charts come out-of-the-box and are powered by the ChartIQ Charting Library (we’ve spent years perfecting charts for capital markets data — click here and experience it for yourself). ChartIQ charts are highly interactive and have various technical indicators and annotations specifically built to chart times series data. For any salesperson these advanced features makes it easy to annotate and add trends directly to a chart and derive market movement as fast as humanly possible.

With a simple drag and drop action, the chart data can be shared to the incoming caller in real time. In most cases, salespeople will share a chart to the caller via a private Symphony chat room. With ChartIQ charts, any trendlines and annotations made by the salesperson stay put while the chart is shared.

With this type of interoperation, demonstrating a stock’s price movement and highlighting whether trends are in line with estimates is straightforward and efficient. This new type of hyper visualized market data is easy to compute for the salesperson and even easier to share with the potential buyer. Real time sharing of charts, market movements, and notes creates instant validation for buyers and enables trade decisions to move faster overall.

Automatic Tracking in Salesforce

Once the trade is decided on, the trade ticket can be populated from the information that has been shared throughout Finsemble. The client, the stock symbol, and the time are all part of the information shared through Finsemble’s technology. A salesperson then only needs to enter the size of the transaction and review it before submission. Once the sale is complete, the sales blotter updates the record of the transaction and it gets logged in Salesforce. When the call ends, a link to the call recording is also logged in Salesforce.

Another type of transfer might involve sharing MiFID 2 compliant research reports. A Finsemble ecosystem app like RSRCHXchange can easily share reports via Symphony and, like before, this action is logged in Salesforce as a completed task. As information is shared with clients, without the salesperson taking notes or doing any manual recording, Salesforce updates the contact information with actions taken. Like the first scenario, any insightful market information can be shared with the caller in real time, and actions are recorded (with no Sales effort required!) in Salesforce.

Additional information about the call including the parties involved, the call length, what was discussed, what was shared, etc. is registered and recorded as key metadata that allows departments and individuals to monitor client activity, add notes, and create signals and calls for actions in the future.

Using a unified desktop experience, new and true value is created for customers, developers, and capital markets power users. Finsemble optimizes any workflow by making legacy, modern, and third-party capital markets applications interoperate. It’s a single solution that creates success at multiple levels. Finsemble is easy to assemble and customize, and maximizes the life of technologies within an institution. When you use Finsemble, you leverage years of disconnected development and translate that into modern software that is collaborative and powerful.

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