Electron | April 9, 2019

The Smart Desktop Belongs to Finsemble and Electron

Written by Terry Thorsen

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Standing by our commitment to help the finance world work smarter, we are proud to announce that our desktop integration platform, Finsemble, now supports Electron. Read press release here.

Electron (developed and maintained by Github) is the leading, open-source web container for writing cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is the framework behind a wide range of industry-leading applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and thousands more.

Improved Performance

Engineers building a smart desktop with Finsemble can quickly integrate any type of application faster to create customized workspaces (see full Finsemble feature list). Now with Electron support, they can build on a modern tech stack and improve performance for the end user. Our stress tests show that adding support for the Electron framework has doubled the speed and responsiveness of Finsemble.

Electron is deployed on over 100 million desktops around the world and is maintained by a robust open source community. With Electron support, our customers can be assured their smart desktop is running on the fastest, most secure, HTML5 container.

A Global Community

Electron is vibrant, free, and open-source, with active contributions by expert technologists from firms like Github, Microsoft, and ChartIQ itself. Building a smart desktop with Finsemble means financial firms can now join an expanding, global community.

Engineers in the finance world have something to be excited about with the option to build powerful desktop applications on a modern tech stack, without having to discard or rebuild the legacy applications that users depend on.

Lower Costs

In addition, an open-source technology like Electron eliminates the need for commercial software containers. Executives can cut the entire budget line associated with commercial container costs by building their smart desktop with Finsemble.

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Maximum Security

Not only did we follow Electron’s security recommendations, we also created (and open-sourced) Secure Electron Adapter for an additionally layer of security. Read our security methodology here. Secure Electron Adapter “wraps” the Electron API and prevents vulnerabilities by fire-walling untrusted content.

Additionally, Finsemble automatically incorporates security features provided by Electron’s underlying Chromium engine. As the codebase behind the world’s most popular web browser, Chromium gives developers access to the best modern technology and APIs, and has been built to be secure by design.

Running on the latest version of Electron also improves security and prevents vulnerabilities due to gaps in Chromium security patches. Our engineers work diligently to keep Finsemble on the most current version.

The Ultimate Smart Desktop

Lower costs, speedier performance, and the global community that supports Electron all bolster Finsemble’s reputation as the desktop integration platform of the future.

Finsemble engineers spent years discovering, and then solving, the hard problems associated with HTML5-based smart desktops (learn more in the post: Questions to Ask When Building a Smart Financial Desktop). Running Finsemble directly on Electron gives our clients access to the most innovative technologies to build and maintain the ultimate smart desktop.

Our goal to provide an unparalleled desktop integration platform is now easier with Electron.

Contact us to learn more about the Finsemble Smart Desktop.


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