As a CTO or head of a corporate development team, you’re probably aware of the statistics and looking for ways to beat the odds. After all, studies also show that proper planning and strategy is a key indicator of acquisitions that succeed. One of the biggest headaches of a merger is merging tech. There is a solution that M&A teams may have missed.

That solution? The Finsemble desktop integration platform.

Finsemble offers an alternative method of integration that is much faster and cheaper, shortening the time to value and increasing the chances of a successful acquisition.

A smart desktop = streamlined tech integration.

Smart desktop technology brings together all the applications you use every day — web or legacy, in-house or third-party — and allows them to share information and communicate with one another (see post, The Smart Desktop, an Integrated Blend of Old and New). The most common use is for institutions trying to streamline internally or allow end users to create synchronous workspaces, but the theory of aligning technologies within one firm can also be applied to merging companies. Providing a platform for you to synchronize disparate components is our speciality.

Person pushing clock uphill

You could do it yourself (if you don’t care about top line acceleration).

In any acquisition, corporate development teams on both sides must come together to create synergy between completely different technologies. Each side must write their own APIs and code to talk to each other’s servers, share data, map fields etc. in order to accomplish back end integration. The average time for this process? 18-24 months.

Capture Accretive Value Faster

With Finsemble, deliver on the vision of an integrated end-to-end workflow and user experience for your customers, and capture the accretive value of your acquisitions in a fraction of the time.

  • Realize accretive value faster by streamlining the integration process
  • Lower the capital investment required to deliver on the strategic value
  • Deliver a cohesive user experience to your clients
  • Gain competitive edge by getting to market faster

Alleviate the headache of technology acquisition integration with Finsemble.