The Pegasystems study showed that workers switch applications
1,100 times per day
going between as many as 35 different applications in one shift.

Workers using 30 different applications or more have a
28% higher error rate
than those using fewer programs.

Workers copy-and-paste
134 times a day.

Finsemble’s smart workspaces and automation-assisted workflows can virtually eliminate context switching, saving a tremendous amount of resources. 

Applications keep growing, and growing…

Each time you add another piece of software (in-house, licensed, from an acquisition, etc) to try and improve output, it adds complexity. New products often only solve part of the problem, but not the whole picture. Picture a call center employee toggling between Salesforce, Slack, G-drive, and LinkedIn, all the while rekeying data, copy-pasting and switching context. This at best limits their productivity, and at worst costs thousands in errors.    

Finsemble allows all of these applications to speak to each other and seamlessly share data between them. It’s the solution for all your solutions. 

The Finsemble solution? Task-centric workspaces + customizable workflows. 

Stitch together the existing software your teams rely on using Finsemble. Get task-centric workspaces where—depending on what you’re working on—a workspace can be launched with all of the right apps, logged in to and showing screens you need, with pre-populated data. Get context sharing and customizable workflows between applications in an instant. Plus, you can replace applications within that workflow easily. 

Finsemble is a supplement to automation.

RPA and client self-service may be part of the solutions, but there are downsides to limiting human interaction. Workflow involves more than moving data quickly around as decisions need to be made by people. Finsemble is a human-centric system allowing people to do their best work. 

Finsemble is cheaper than building an entirely new system, faster to implement, and doesn’t require your users to learn a new system. 

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