Single-page applications. Great for some, not for all.

SPAs evolved from multi-page applications, where users navigate from page to page of a website/application to access different bits of functionality. When AJAX appeared, it became possible, and often desirable, to load the page once and exchange data independent of page loads. SPAs were born, but complex user workflows remained.

Applications for professionals like photo, video, and sound editing software, or capital markets applications like market data terminals and order management systems, have always required flexible UX. Multiple windows, floating tool palettes and saved workspaces are all standard features of these complex workflows.

For designers, it’s difficult to fit everything into one page without the experience becoming overwhelming. For users, navigating through seemingly infinite, independent flyout panels is frustrating.

Stock trader in front of six computer monitors

Complex software doesn’t always work within the SPA paradigm. Market data terminals and trading terminals represent complex processes, used by power users with specific workspace and UX requirements. Where one trader may want twenty charts on one monitor, with three on another ,linked to a news ticker, another trader may prefer a completely different setup. They need customization across multiple monitors, using multiple integrated windows, and they need to be able to save and quickly reload their setup.

A single page web application that will service the needs of all of users is impossible. Finsemble puts the human at the heart of the workflow with complete workflow customization.

Support and retain your most important asset: your power users.

Professionals and active retail traders are the most valuable user groups in financial markets, but meeting their needs isn’t easy. Power users demand flexibility, but maintaining a custom native .NET, Java, or C++ desktop platform just for them is impractical and expensive. If you don’t already have a native desktop platform, building one just to access this valuable user segment doesn’t make sense.

With Finsemble, you can build powerful, multi-window desktop software using web technology, leveraging investments you’ve already made in web apps and infrastructure to service the needs of your power users on the desktop.

Whether you’re planning to replace a legacy desktop platform or targeting new power users who need customization and flexibility beyond what web apps offer, Finsemble can deliver your single HTML5 codebase to the web and to the desktop.

That’s the power of Finsemble.