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Web-based applications as the new norm.

Right now the majority of in-house applications in the enterprise are built in legacy native technologies such as .NET, Java, and C++. Everything new is being written in JavaScript (or TypeScript), and all of the investment, hiring, and training also tends to focus on these newer technologies.

In order for users to move to a new system from an old one, the majority of functionality has to be in place, often representing the result of 10+ years of development efforts. Migrating to a new technology stack therefore incurs the expensive parallel work of maintaining legacy apps while building new systems that achieve feature parity.

As with every technology refresh cycle, organizations intend to slowly replace native desktop apps with web-based applications over time.

The (not so secret) carrying costs of rewriting applications. 

There is a carrying cost to any piece of software—the servers required to run it, the developers and operations folks to maintain it, etc. Being forced to re-write an app in parallel with running the old one means you’re paying that carrying cost for the full duration of development until you get to 100% feature parity.

While you’re developing the replacement, you either can’t deliver new functionality to your users (because it would have to be built in the new system, which isn’t usable yet) or develop each feature twice—once in the legacy system, soon to be thrown away, and again in the new system.

Why Finsemble?

The Finsemble solution is to “rebuild the house brick by brick while you’re still living in it.” Instead of re-writing the whole thing, you can re-write solutions one piece at a time, using Finsemble to connect the old parts to the new, and removing any legacy pieces that were replaced. This approach makes it possible to release new functionality as it is ready, and reduce the footprint and maintenance costs of supporting old applications incrementally over time.

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