The future of delivering innovation to your users is plug and play.

Infinite web applications. Endless choices.

Every team finds its own set of SaaS applications to support their work, and because these solutions are browser-based, requiring no installation, savings in IT and time to deploy can be significant. That freedom can be a double-edged sword, though, when integration with existing solutions becomes difficult or impossible, and IT governance in areas like security and license management is out the window.

Even best of breed solutions are unlikely to integrate with other tools, so users are left with app overload, and associated context switching, re-keying data, and syncing challenges. Where integration is possible, it’s generally with custom software built on REST APIs that is expensive to develop and maintain, and further locks companies to specific vendor solutions.

What if you could…

What if you could deploy the new solutions your users want without overloading them with apps, and without the cost of server-side integration in order to rationalize workflows? And what if making a change was as easy as unplugging one app and plugging in another?

Finsemble manages SaaS deployment in the Enterprise

  • Instantly deploy apps with workspace management, persistence, etc., with zero coding and minimal config.
  • Use Finsemble’s client-side integration technology to quickly & inexpensively integrate the UI workflow of various applications, including SaaS and legacy native solutions.
  • With App Directory, manage an “internal app store” using existing entitlement systems to enable users to discover applications already in use inside the organization.
  • Gather centralized usage analytics to avoid paying for seats no one is using and gain volume discounts for apps in use across multiple teams.