Partners | October 19, 2022

Velox and Finsemble Partner for Universal Interoperability

Written by Anna Shearer

New York and Charlottesville, 19 October 2022: Today Finsemble announces its partnership with Velox, entering into a unique partnership for universal interoperability.

Velox is a global fintech enabling capital markets institutions to accelerate their modernization and digitalization initiatives. Launched in 2017, the Application Development Platform (vCore) has been enabling firms to innovate faster by expediting the development of high-performance, user-facing systems.

Finsemble is a no/low-code solution that connects applications of any type—native, web, in-house, and third-party—across multiple monitors to create streamlined, efficient workflows.

Together, the partnership bridges a gap between “desktop interoperability” and “server interoperability.”

“By combining Velox’s capability to expedite application development and integrate structured data with Finsemble, we’re looking at a truly comprehensive, one-stop shop for interoperability,” says Jim Bunting, Finsemble Global Head of Partnerships. “It really is the first of its kind.”

Desktop interoperability is based on interconnected applications that are capable of speaking the same language by adhering to a set of standards such as FDC3. With a desktop interoperability platform like Finsemble, firms can automate the rote tasks traders, portfolio managers, compliance officers, and back offices engage with, freeing them for higher value tasks. Use cases include expediting the RFQ process or streamlining FX Swap.

Server interoperability is more involved but provides deeper and richer interoperability than desktop. Bunting explains: “When you’re connecting your blotter to your Bloomberg, that’s desktop interoperability. It’s a quicker process that allows firms to rapidly improve their insights and efficiencies. But when you’re aggregating several blotters or consolidating several EMS applications into a unified data structure or a single application, that’s server interoperability.” Velox specializes in rapidly building applications that can implement this kind of data/back-end integration and then augmenting with new features and workflows.

“We have always felt that interoperability of the existing client stack at whatever level, is one of the key impediments to a more automated, modern capital markets. We have found clients that need desktop-interop also will benefit from server-interop,” says Jon Butler, Velox CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with Finsemble to be able to bring both to market in one product”

Read more about how vCore is accelerating professional developers here.

Contact the Finsemble team and get an evaluation of their solution in two days. For your server interoperability project, contact Velox at

About Velox:
Velox enables software development teams in Capital Markets to build high-performance user-facing systems up to 10x faster. The Velox full-stack application development platform (vCore) provides professional developers with tools that amplify their expertise in Java and Web programming, allowing them to focus on building differentiating business functionality.

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