Factset logoIn this demo, FactSet SVP of Alliances and Partnerships, Patrick Starling, shows the power of interoperability and FDC3-workflows. With Finsemble under the hood, FactSet components are able to interoperate with components both inside and outside of the FactSet workstation. In this way, FactSet is able to help the buy and sell-side get more out of their day and build better workflows. Note that this demo is all done in a macOS environment.

Interoperability for Buy-Sides is Here →

Ask yourself: if you could automate the rote tasks your traders or portfolio managers engage with, what value would this bring your firm? That question (and the answer) is at the heart of interoperability.

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How FDC3 can work for you →

FDC3 is designed to be a lightweight, baseline standard for desktop interoperability—it doesn’t specify everything. It is a jumping off point for you to build a cohesive desktop environment with interconnected applications.